Top 10 Reasons to Book a Liveaboard Diving Trip During the Winter Holidays

Maldives Dive Travel Gives You the Top 10 Reasons to Book a Liveaboard Diving Trip During the Winter Holidays!

If you still haven’t booked your liveaboard diving trip during the 2010 Winter Holidays, don’t worry! There’s still time!

As the rain falls from the gray sky, rendering your heavy wool overcoat totally obselete, the wind whipping violently around your damp body, sending chills through your trembling limbs, practically freezing you to the bone, imagine the Maldives, a warm tropical paradise, and these reasons for why you should book a liveaboard diving trip this winter season!

1. Maldives Dive Travel’s BEST PRICE GUARANTEE! If you find a liveaboard on another site priced lower than ours, we guarantee we’ll beat it!

2. The compliments you’ll receive from work colleagues when you return with a smoking hot tan!

3. MV Orion Liveaboard Diving Trip – December 21-28: Just USD $1,680 per person! Check out MV Orion high season specials here!

4. Whale Sharks & Manta Rays…Need we say more!

5. According to a study at State University of New York at Oswego, men who take vacations every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 percent.

6. Stingray Liveaboard Diving Trip – December 22-28: Just USD $1,044 per person! Check out Stingray last minute deals here!

7. The dry season has begun in the Maldives, often heralded as the best time for scuba diving! Check Maldives weather here!

8. BBQ on an uninhabited island…How often do you get to do that!?!

9. Two to three dives per day in one of the world’s most beautiful diving destinations! Read about the Maldives most popular dive sites here!

10. Most importantly…You deserve it!!!

Visit Maldives Dive Travel now and check out our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE and special high season and last minute deals!

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